Cloud-based applications offer several advantages over traditional ones. They provide better accessibility, scalability and lower cost of ownership. Our team has a vast experience in software development methodologies and languages. With 30 years of software development under our belt, we have built several large cloud-based applications and custom intranets.

Advantages of Cloud-Based applications:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: only a web browser is needed, you can now mix and match hardware  (PCs, Macs, tablets, Net computer, Mobile phones....) and optimize your computing resources to meet your needs.
  • Accessible all the time: they provide  access to data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection at any time.
  • Superior environment for collaboration in real-time: employees, contractors and managers can collaborate from their respective locations regardless of geography and time zones.
  • Operating system independence: regardless of what your existing environment is (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), our web applications  run as is.
  • Always up to date: you can add features and functions, fix bugs etc... and your clients will see it immediately. There is no need to download software updates to their PC to keep up with the latest versions.
  • Ease of maintenance: for Intranet, the software is installed on a server and everyone else can access the application through a web browser. You have only a single installation and single server to maintain. You need not  worry about software installation or data backup on every computer elsewhere. For cloud- based solutions, you don't even have to worry about backing up the data since all hosting companies provide daily backups and network management. (99% up time guarantee).
  • More reliable: PC based applications are prone to crashing and can have conflicts with other existing applications and upgrades. While web-based application interacts only with the web browser.
  • Multi-user ready: PC applications were designed to be used by one person at a time. Web-based applications are designed to support concurrent users.
  • Scalability: Web based applications will handle any number of users. You are only limited by your server capacity which in turn can be upgraded to fit your needs.
  • Safer Data: if your hard disk crashes your data is lost. The burden of backing up your data is pushed on the end-user.

Sample of WMH Cloud-based applications:



Keeps track of project's regular and overtime hours as well as your company's overhead such as vacation, sick leave and leave without pay. Timesheets need to have managerial approval before processing and exporting to most accounting packages. Provides accurate documentation, a note can be  associated with every entry.  Generates details and summary reports per person and/or project. Generates a notification for missing timesheets and generates PDF printouts. Read More


Generates invoices from data provided by timesheet summary reports and from various project related expenses.

Project Budgeting

Keeps track of all project budgets ’ task and subtask and subcontractors related services

 Resource Forecasting

Allows you to schedule employee hours for various projects. Give you the capability to compare actual worked hours to the scheduled forecast of any given period. Employees can look up their own schedules while managers can look up the overall resource forecasting picture.

 Newsletters Mass Mailing

Creates HTML newsletters from templates and processes mass mailing to subscribers.

Corporate Phonebook

Handles all your company's contacts. Employees can have private and public access to their contacts. Has unlimited number of phones, emails and addresses per contact.


While we support many standard languages and technologies, we are concentrating on Open Source Software like PHPmySQL and Apache servers. We like  Open-Source technologies because not only are they cost effective but  also provide a universal cross- platform solution.