About Us

WMH has a dedicated staff of industry-recognized experts who have demonstrated capabilities to meet the technical and managerial challenges encountered on a broad range of infrastructure projects.

WMH project managers are licensed civil engineers who offer the right mix of skills and experience to address engineering design and coordination issues. We have demonstrated capabilities to meet technical, managerial, and schedule challenges encountered on a broad range of infrastructure projects. Our staff has worked on numerous California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) projects, and has developed a reputation for high quality and productivity with Caltrans, cities and local transportation agencies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide private and public clients, including local and state agencies with management and engineering services for all types of major infrastructure projects, from conceptual planning through construction completion, utilizing a highly skilled professional team to develop innovative solutions and high quality deliverables that will benefit the community for generations to come.

Our Story


Our engineering and management services work to deliver intuitive user experiences that are: safe, versatile, and contextual. We see our communities advancing, and we look forward to designing the future together.


We believe in fostering collaborative work environments that encourage knowledge sharing between our teams, client, and through staff mentorship. We utilize our long-standing agency relationships and local project knowledge to drive the schedule, deliver high quality projects for end users, and bring our clients' visions to life.

Design Principle

WMH's philosophy is to design connections for our communities, focusing on seamless transitions. Our designs are rooted in safe, user-centric solutions that meet client goals. We call upon our extensive experience, best-practice engineering strategies, and direct communication approach to achieve this objective.

Management Team

William Hadaya, PE

President & CEO

Tim Lee, PE

VP & Senior Consultant

Dave Dickinson, PE

Senior Project Manager

Carl Gibson, PE

Sacramento Area Manager

Sean Charles, PE

Senior Project Manager

Ben Razeghi, PE

Senior Design Manager

John Nguyen, PE

Senior Design Manager

Nivedita Pendse, PE

Senior Project Manager

Robert Hadaya

Chief Information Officer

Daniel Eliat

Chief Financial Officer

Baljinder Virk

Business Operations Manager