Sunnyvale, CA

Mathilda Avenue Improvements at SR 237 & US 101

This high-profile project proposes to improve mobility and access along Mathilda Avenue through the SR 237 and US 101 interchanges in the City of Sunnyvale.

This portion of Mathilda Avenue is dubbed the 'Mathilda Monster' as a result of extensive new commercial development, heavy congestion, and closely spaced intersections on the City's main arterial north-south route. The project includes reconstruction of freeway ramps; new and modified signal intersections; retaining walls, pavement rehabilitation, street lighting, signing, striping, drainage, and ramp metering. Enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities are also provided.


Complete Streets, Highways/Roads/Bridges, Transportation/Transit


City of Sunnyvale, State of California


City of Sunnyvale, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority