Los Angeles Counties, CA

American Tower Fusion Poles

WMH has teamed with American Tower Corporation (ATC) to design and assist with the installation of an ATC Fusion Pole pilot outside the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Fusion Pole is a streetlight with a streamlined design that also acts as a wireless broadband hub for multiple carriers. Fusion Poles use efficient LED lights and also integrate a wireless energy meter to monitor and report power consumption, which separates streetlight power from carrier radio power. These wireless hubs improve mobile network connection for users while saving on real estate in high-density urban areas. The design and production of these poles are a major step towards a smart city initiative.

WMH led tasks included data gathering, conceptual planning, construction documents, and construction support. WMH assisted in the coordination efforts between ATC and city agencies to secure construction permits and ensuring seamless installation of the hardware while avoiding adverse impacts to existing infrastructure. As part of a pilot program to test the effectiveness of the technology, the Fusion Pole has been erected in Los Angeles.


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