WMH Staff Hikes Alamere Falls at Point Reyes

October 30, 2018 - This past Sunday, WMH staff and friends came together for a day-long trip to Alamere Falls at Point Reyes. Meeting up around 10AM, the crew took the Palomarin trailhead to the beach, and from the beach, made their way to the Waterfalls. The landscape changed quite often, from coastal views, to forests, to hills. Unfortunately, by the time the crew reached the beach, sea levels were rising and the time was close to high-tide. The crew had to turn around (we had to return to work at WMH the next day!)

While we were not able to see the falls close up, there was lots of conversation, fun, and jokes shared among the team. The hike was 6 hours in total, and the entire trip took the whole day. The trip averaged 16-miles and 36k steps total. Needless to say, we were justified in skipping leg day for the week. Take a look at the adventure below.