Contra Costa County, CA

SR 242 - Clayton Rd. and Concord Ave.

The project proposes to reconstruct and reconfigure the State Route 242 (SR 242) and Clayton Rd. interchange complex. The project includes construction of new ramps; bridge structures; auxiliary lanes; retaining walls, utility relocations; storm drainage; signals; lighting, signing; ramp metering; bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and landscaping. This high-profile project for the City of Concord alleviates congestion and balances traffic flows at interchanges serving downtown businesses.

The primary objectives are to balance traffic flows and reduce travel times, complete full access for traffic between SR 242 and Clayton Rd., and alleviate congestion at an adjacent interchange. The project would construct a new off-ramp from Southbound SR 242 to Willow Pass Rd. (via Franquette Ave.), and a new on-ramp from Clayton Road to Northbound SR 242.




California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)


Contra Costa Transportation Authority